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Corporate support

RSPCA Darwin has many unique opportunities to get involved, while also building a mutually beneficial partnership with your business.
Not only can RSPCA Darwin offer access to over 13,000 loyal social media supporters, showcasing your business’ strong community spirit and helping get your name out there, a partnership with us doesn’t end with simple exchange of services. We like our partners to feel like a part of our team, and for your team to be included in the wonderful work that their company is supporting.

Examples of ways that we like to make our partners feel supported include corporate volunteering days, baby animal visits, animal naming rights, and much more.Get in touch if you think that RSPCA Darwin and your business can work together for a better future for Darwin and its animals. Email for more information.


Sponsoring an RSPCA event or program can assist the work of the RSPCA while helping publicise your organisation and product to hundreds of RSPCA Darwin members, supporters and the media. Sponsorship can be in the form of product, cash or in-kind support. To find out more, please email us.

Corporate Matching

Many workplaces help to engage their staff while fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities by offereing to match donations made by their team.


Alternatively, a great way to gain maximum impact and maximum publicity is to offer a ‘dollar matching day’ where you company can get involved in an RSPCA fundraiser, matching every donation made by the community up to a certain value.


Please email us to find out more!

The cost of rescuing, caring for, treating and rehabilitating animals is enormous. Your donations will help care for the sick and injured animals, ensure animals are protected from neglect and cruelty and give them a second chance at life.

Why let the tax man have your hard earned dollars, when they could save lives?


Kennel Sponsorship

Did you know that you or your business can sponsor a kennel or a cat enclosure for a whole year?

If you would like to have a plaque with your name or your business name, contact details and logo prominently displayed on the kennel or enclosure and visible to around 6,000 visitors we have to the RSPCA Darwin shelter each year, get in touch with us today! We will also acknowledge your support through our social media channels where we now have over 20,000 followers. You will also join our subscribers mailing list for monthly updates on shelter and community work we do.

Your sponsorship will help with covering medical costs and care for our animals until they are adopted and maintenance and cleaning costs to keep them healthy and happy while they are in our care.

Sponsorship terms are $5,000 + GST and in place for 12 months from the date of commencement. Email or call 08 8984 3795 to secure a spot.